Gilded Sword Project

First collections now available on soonaverse!

Gilded Sword is the Ode to Golden Axe that is being created on the IOTA Network

Character Art

NFTs feature hand drawn character portraits and scenes that will be used to create your game assets!


NFTs from each Character Scene collection can be made into a panoramic image featuring all characters!


Play the Gilded Sword games as your NFT characters! Every GS NFT gives the owner access to the games, each Character Scene NFT allows you to play as that character as in the NFT!

RGL Token Airdrops

Minting one of the GS NFTs guarantees you an airdrop of RGL token! A Character Scene NFT will get you 1000-4000 RGL tokens!

Gilded Sword: The Games

Gilded Sword: PvP Battle Royale 

The multiplayer game will be a “Battle Royale” style melee combat game in an open world map with zones based on the NFT backgrounds. Each character has unique attacks, stats and abilities and you will be able to select to play as any of your Character NFTs.

The game will be played in an ever shrinking battle zone whilst gameplay will combine both tactical involvement and all out mayhem in order to come out victorious! Initially it’s an “every man for himself” format but with plans to integrate teams for larger maps with a higher volume of players. With rewards to match!

There will be different tiers of Battle Royale tournaments with variable RGL paid entry fees and prizes. Winners will be rewarded in a first, second and third format and split the winnings taken from the entry fee.

Major events will feature larger rewards including tokens, single edition NFTs, physical packs of the Quadra Battle cards and other merchandise from RGL and any sponsors.

Gilded Sword: The Story 

The Story game for Gilded Sword is a retro feel scrolling beat-em-up, similar to the Golden Axe games that the Gilded Sword is an ode to.

You will be able to play through a multi-level story telling, boss laden game as your any of your NFT characters each with their own attacks and special attacks.

Roadmap coming – Early game and demo testing aim to be opened to NFT holders in early 2023

**This section is regularly udated with WIP and in-game screenshots**

Both of the games will be developed, for play on a PC, using the Unity game engine and the same Character NFTs can be utilised in both. Non-Main character NFTs will be available for users to access the games and play as a generic character.

Join our Discord to see game work-in-progress, any updates and news as the game is developed!

NFT Collections

1a Main Character Scenes

Collectible game scenes featuring the main characters from Gilded Sword. There are 100 x unique variations of each character portrait. Along with collection 1b there will be 9 scenes in total split over the 2 releases with all 9 creating a panoramic scene.

Each NFT gives it’s owner access to the Gilded Sword game and has metadata reflecting its image that will allow the player to play as their NFT character in game.

RGL token is airdropped to holders based on Gilded Sword emblem quantities found within the NFTs.

NFT Sales

NFT First Sales

80% Game & Project Development

10% Token Buybacks

10% to Artist

10% Sell on Fee

4% Community/Staking Rewards

4% Game & Project Development

2% Token Buybacks

Token Buybacks

The tokens that are purchased using funds from the NFT sales and resells are distributed back to NFT holders. It is based on collection as opposed to every Gilded Sword NFT.

E.G the owners of one of the 4 Main Character NFTs from the 1st collection will get token rewards whenever someone buys or sells a Main Character NFT.

The amount of tokens NFT owners receive is based on the amount of NFTs they hold for that collection. 

-See Discord for details of each airdrop-

RGL Gilded Sword Wallets:

NFT Sales (SMR) – smr1qqg0kt03hzgqm0hlkxxpruqfqy0q0xmwvr6q0ysw4ckuj8v0llqju7yx70g

NFT Airdrops Wallet – smr1qq92udt6cutpvxwkrwsp20j5kxfxu2snefk3yt8eetm35mquxkkaufjgx2x

Community Rewards Wallet – smr1qq2kqq82zz3xu7u3s49nd5k80nh0vq3x4tvf2ufeuhyazlpafz49vmm3eck

Dev Wallet – smr1qqg6nt8ha45ah0ksuxpxqv6feymchf0d8xyfd8ltn98h0w6yxk2e2ad6fkn

Quadra Battle

Gilded Sword Quadra Battle Game Cards

The Gilded Sword characters feature as a set of cards for the Quadra Battle card game. Each card with it’s own strengths. The Quadra Battle card NFTs can be purchased either at time of main collection releases or shortly thereafter. See the main page for info on the Quadra Battle game.