Sensi SuperStars

Relaunching TBA!

Sensi superstars is a collection of football player nfts based on the player sprite from the worlds favourite retro footie game! Sensible Soccer!

You will be able to mint a full squad of player nfts, train them up then compete as your team in a league/tournament structured game!

Ace but wot do vey luk like mate?

They look like this, Dave! Aren’t they f&?^kin beautiful!?

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So, wot can I do wiv 'em?

Well, mate. Every player NFT is minted with an initial player rating. Something pretty low like between 10 and 35. 

Buuuut! You can train your player up to 64 times to give them a max level! (The initial rating plus 64) This means besides from each player looking unique, a players individual rating stat and their max achievable level actually makes them unique! 

You can mint/purchase and hold a maximum of 14 player NFTs. 

This gives you a squad of players that you will be be to register in a fantasy football league to win real prizes including NFTs, crypto, player training sessions and loads more from the world of RGL. 

Your Team Rating is based on your Player Ratings so the more and the better the players, the better the team!

The first collection has 10000 Player NFTs available to mint – broken down into the following rareness types:

8800 – Team Players

700 – Team Captains

400 – Star Players

75 – SuperStars

25 – Legends

Each player type will have different team effects in the game. 

You can mint/trade and hold a maximum of 14 players (with bonus ‘Legend’ player NFTs coming later via a partnered artist).   

Each player is minted with a random Player Rating and you can train your players! Training sessions are payable, however, if you hold RGL tokens (variable to keep it accessible to everyone) you can claim 2 FREE training sessions EVERY 3 DAYS.  

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